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Engage yourself into digital world with Good X application, providing you with a simple and user-friendly tool to manage all your assets in a single account linked to your mobile! Get connected to manage your fiat, crypto and gold accounts right now!
About GoodX Network OU

Good X Network OU created a platform to manage fiat currencies, crypto currency and investment gold for regular consumers. We are offering our users an everyday multi-asset payment solution worldwide. Our company is based in the top European Startup Hubs – Tallinn.

Based on our past experience of operating in the market, accurate financial projections and endless enthusiasm of the entire team, we commit to make Good X Network OU the largest source of liquidity in the world, decentralizing and democratizing access to different types of assets across the globe.

We are entering the market with a unique product and genuinely unlimited potential for scaling that depends only on the volume of liquidity, which is required to provide you with instant conversion between your assets and instant FREE cross-border transfers within Good X Network OU.

Introduction from CTO

Alex Novikovs

Welcome Message from COO

Roman Ganza

Greetings from Head of Communications

Amna Ahsan

How it works?

Using card for INSTANT

crypto payment


was never SO EASY

Token distribution


  • Total tokens supply: $20 million
  • Funding: $3 million
  • Platform: Stellar
  • Ticker: OOX
  • Price: 1 OOX = 0.01 USD
  • Uncapped: The scale of the network is limited only by the volume of available liquidity
  • 3-year goal: 1 million users
65% 20% 15%
  • IEO Contributers
  • Founders and the team
  • Advisors, partners, rewards, bug bounty


SECURITY and PROTECTION of your assets is of a PARAMOUNT IMPORTANCE for us!

The movements of all assets on the GoodX platform are tracked on a privately permissioned blockchain to ensure transparency and immutability of the accounts. Every transaction or temporary hold is recorded there.

GoodX also uses Stellar for instant, free, global transfers. Stellar is an open-source, decentralized payment protocol that allows fast and cheap cross-border transactions between any pair of currencies. Nodes are distributed, which means that the entire history is secured. Since day one, all records could be audited which eliminates the possibility of any kind of fraud and increases the stability of the system.

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