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Free transfers in any currency, crypto or gold

With GoodX, simply choose the recipient’s mobile phone number, and select the asset and the amount you want to send.

Simple registration

All you need to do is provide a mobile phone number and email address. After creating your GoodX account, you can immediately transfer any cryptocurrency to any GoodX user in the world for free.

Complete verification process and send traditional currencies and gold in the same way.

Zero fees

There are absolutely no fees for transferring any asset within GoodX.

Instant conversions

Linked to the best crypto, gold and FX exchanges, GoodX can instantly convert any asset at the best possible rate.

GoodX in Everyday Life

GoodX users don’t even have to worry about conversions, rates and payment methods. If you need to make a money transfer to your friends or family members, just choose the asset you want to send, and the asset your recipient prefers to receive. GoodX will do all the steps for you 24/7. Your recipient will get the transfer in just a second!

Send any asset to anyone in the world.
There are no fees for transfers.
Your recipient will get any asset within seconds.

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